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Looking for an easy way to serve your family great-tasting food that’s also good for them? Choose Welch’s® Fresh grapes. All of our grapes are selected for freshness and quality, promising exceptional flavor.


Try All Our Varieties

Pick up our sweet, juicy red grapes for recipes and snacking; our tart green grapes to make a cool, refreshing treat; and our dark purple and black seedless grapes to add flavor and beauty to any menu.


Did You Know?

Welch’s® Fresh grapes are available all year long. They are grown in California, April through November; Chile, December through March; and, Mexico, April through June.

One cup of Welch’s® Fresh grapes contains only 104 calories. A phytonutrient-rich food, they are a good source of vitamin K, vitamin B2, and copper.

Welch's Fresh Grapes

Welch’s® Fresh Black Grapes


Autumn Royal

Crunchy Sweet

Large, blue-black, and oval-elongated, Welch’s® Fresh Autumn Royal black seedless grapes add sweet appeal to your favorite fruit salad. Grab a handful (or two) for a delicious, nutritious snack. Or, add them to your favorite chicken or tuna salad.

Available September through December.


Sweet, Tart Tang

Also known as “California Concord,” this large, round, almost black seeded grape tastes like a glass of grape juice. Their rich flavor and unique texture always leaves a lasting impression. They are wonderful eaten out of hand, freshly squeezed into juice, or made into jelly.

Available early August into September.


Sweet, Juicy, and Plump

A hybrid of Thompson seedless and seeded concord, it is a mild seedless table grape with lighter, edible skin. Great for popping into your mouth, they are also fantastic for baking.

Season starts late July.

Summer Royal

Pleasantly Sweet

Welch’s® Fresh Summer Royal seedless grapes are medium-sized and blue-black in color. These round-to-slightly oval grapes have a pleasant aroma and a sweet flavor. Try these crisp, sweet grapes in fruit and vegetable salads. Freeze them for a delicious frozen treat! They will keep for up to two months.

Available July through September.

Welch’s® Fresh Green Grapes

Autumn King

Sweet and Juicy

Plump and luscious, the Autumn King seedless grape may soon become your favorite fresh fruit. These green grapes are very large and cylindrical-to-oval in shape. They are delicious when eaten fresh or frozen. Slice grapes in half to garnish cheesecakes, or add them to your favorite salads.

Available September through December.


Sweet and Neutral

An extremely crisp mid-season white seedless variety, Welch’s® Fresh Ivory grapes have large, uniform oval-elongated berries on loose bunches. Crisp in texture with a sweet, neutral flavor they are a perfect addition to your cheese tray.

Available September and October.


Mild, Sweet to Slightly Tart

Perlette meaning “little pearl” in French, due to its round, lightly frosted green appearance. Perlettes are firm green grapes with a mild, sweet to slightly tart flavor. Add to salads as a tart topper; include on fruit kabobs with low fat vanilla yogurt dip; or try with Brie cheese and your favorite crackers for a quick appetizer.

Available in January, May, June, and December.


A Perfect Blend of Sweet and Tart

For a blend of sweet and tart, choose the Princess seedless grape every time. This table grape is very large, light green, cylindrical, and has a satisfying crunch. Eat them out of hand, or add them to salads. These grapes freeze well to make a delicious frozen treat.

Available July through September.


A Sweet and Sour Combo

Enjoy Welch’s® Fresh Pristine seedless green table grapes, with their sweet and zesty flavor and satisfying crunch. They are delicious fresh or frozen. Slice grapes in half to garnish cheesecakes, or savor them in your favorite salad.

Available September through December.

Stella Bella

Juicy and Sweet

This exquisite green seedless grape is prized around the world for its large berry size, crisp texture, and elongated shape. Welch’s® Fresh Stella Bella grapes’ long shelf life and superb sweetness makes them the perfect snack for your entire family.

Available July through October.


Light, Sweet Flavor

This bright green grape’s round berries pack a powerful crunch. Include in your favorite fruit salad; mix with cereal for a brighter breakfast; or enjoy as a nutritious on-the-go snack.

Available January through March, and in May, June, and December.

Thompson Seedless

A Popular Sweet

One of the most popular varieties in the United States, the Thompson’s light green color, oval-shaped berries, and sweet taste are a favorite among many. They taste great blended with yogurt, as grapesicles, or as a healthy snack during family movie night!

Available January through April and June through December.

Welch’s® Fresh Red Grapes

Black Corinth

Sweet and Delicate

Nicknamed the champagne of grapes, this is the smallest of all seedless table grapes, growing in tightly packed clusters that are deep magenta with dark blue tones. Black Corinth grapes are best known for garnishing champagne flutes and decorating desserts and cheese trays.

Season starts early July.


Sweet, Tart, Crisp Flavor

This variety has large red berries that are crisp, firm, sweet, and tart. Freeze and add as ice cubes to sangria or fruit juice; sprinkle with cinnamon and eat as a snack; and don’t forget to include them on your next party cheese plate.

Available in March and April, and September through December.

Flame Seedless

Sweet, Crisp, Excellent Flavor

Welch’s® Fresh Flame Seedless is a relatively new variety, developed by crossing the Thompson Seedless, Cardinal Red grape, and many other varieties. This medium-sized, dark red berry is the second most popular variety in the United States, following its cousin, the Thompson Seedless. This grape gives chicken salad a sweet crunch, or add it to fruit kabobs and serve with a low-fat vanilla yogurt dip for a fun treat.

Available January through March, and May through December.


Very Sweet

Welch’s® Fresh Krissy seedless red grapes are packed with excellent flavor and high acidity, giving them balance and a unique taste. This variety will be one of your favorites, but they are only available for a limited time so mark your calendar.

Available August.

Red Globe

Mildly Sweet and Flavorful

This variety has the largest round berries of all the red grapes. When Welch’s® Fresh Red Globes are ripe, they have a dark ruby red color and large seeds. Deseed as needed. Dress up your party cheese plate; add frozen grapes as ice cubes to sangria; or enjoy as a terrific, quick, fresh snack.

Available year round!

Scarlet Royal

One Sweet Red Grape

If you love sweet, firm grapes, try Welch’s® Fresh Scarlet Royal red seedless grapes. This reddish-pink grape is large and oval. The combination of crunchy texture and sweet flavor makes this grape a popular between meal snack. Add them to fruit and vegetable salads, or fold them into ice cream or yogurt for a refreshing treat.

Available August through November.


Plump with Sweet Flavor

Welch’s® Fresh Sundale is a football shaped, extremely firm, and crunchy red grape. It is a grape with high brix and excellent eating characteristics. For a taste of Tuscany, add these grapes to your gorgonzola pizza for a delicious dinner; add to a chicken salad for sweet lunch treat; or marinate in Port with rosemary and garlic and serve with a creamy cheese for a unique appetizer. They’re also delicious all by themselves!

Available September through December.


Fruity and Crisp

Welch’s® Fresh Timco red seedless grapes have intense color and large, slightly elongated berries. These succulent gems have a sweet and juicy flavor that will pop with each bite. You can enjoy them for a limited time—add them to your back-to-school shopping list!

Available September.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I choose the best grapes?
Once grapes are picked they will not ripen further. Look for powdery bloom, more visible on dark grapes—it is a sign of freshness. Use color as a guide to the sweetest fruit.

• Black grapes should be dark blue or purple, almost black.
• Red grapes should be predominantly crimson.
• Green grapes should tend toward light green rather than opaque grass-green.

Avoid wrinkled, sticky, or discolored grapes on withered, brown, limp, or brittle stems.

How should I store my grapes to maximize freshness?
To keep grapes their freshest, store them unwashed in a plastic bag in your refrigerator. Excess moisture created by washing and then storing can speed up their decay, so wash them only when you’re ready to eat them.

What is the white residue found on grapes?
The residue is the waxy coating produced naturally by the grapes, called bloom. Bloom is a delicate white substance common on many soft fruits, such as grapes. The bloom protects the fruits from moisture loss and decay. Simply rinse to remove.

Can I freeze grapes?
Yes. To freeze them, de-stem, wash, and place them in a single layer on a cookie sheet until frozen. Transfer grapes to a freezer bag or container. Frozen grapes will keep for up to two months.

Are grapes that come from outside of the United States as safe as those grown here?
Absolutely! Regardless of their origin, all Welch’s® Fresh grapes must meet strict specifications such as berry size, condition, color, sugar to acid ratios, and bunch size. Plus, Welch’s® grape quality is monitored every step of the way. We use an independent organization to take grape samples and test them for selected residues. Primus Labs are an internationally recognized third-party evaluation and certification organization.