Christmas Rose
Flame Seedless
Red Globe
Ruby Seedless
Scarlet Royal

Red Globe

The Red Globe variety has the largest round berries of all the red grapes. When they are ripe, they have a dark ruby red color and large seeds. In the store, look for grape bunches that are heavy and well colored with plump berries well attached to the stems. The grapes you buy in the store should be ripe and ready to eat; they will not continue to ripen after they are picked from the vine. Simply refrigerate your grapes without washing them. Grapes should keep for about seven days in 30-40° F. Once you're ready to enjoy your grapes, rinse with cool water.

Mildly sweet and flavorful.

Deseed as needed. Include on your next party cheese plate; add frozen grapes as ice cubes to sangria or fruit juice; or enjoy as a terrific, quick, fresh snack.