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Marroo Seedless

This blue-black variety originated in Australia. What do you get when you cross the Carolina Blackrose grape with the Ruby Seedless? You get the Marroo Seedless variety, with its medium-sized, firm, juicy berries. In the store, look for grape bunches that are heavy and well colored with plump berries well attached to the stems. The grapes you buy in the store should be ripe and ready to eat; they will not continue to ripen after they are picked from the vine. Simply refrigerate your grapes without washing them. Grapes should keep for about seven days in 30-40° F. Once you're ready to enjoy your grapes, rinse with cool water.

Mellow, juicy flavor.

Drizzle with honey and enjoy with a spoon; top your cereal to give it a healthy sweet taste; add frozen grapes as ice cubes to sangria or fruit juice; or enjoy as a terrific, quick, fresh snack.